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We provide counseling and self-care healing services that are affordable and walk in available to heal the mind, body, and spirit!

Location: 4527 N 16th Street, Suite 101
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Walk In Wellness

Call (602) 603-3035

Monday – Friday :  2:00pm-10:00pm

Saturday – Sunday : 10:00am-10:00pm

We are comprised of practitioners and professionals that offer a wide variety of healing modalities to meet clients needs. We believe in treating and healing the whole person, and recognize that people learn, grow, and heal in different ways and respond to different methods. This way, our treatment is truly self-guided and individualized based on clients wants, needs, and interests. Walk in Wellness offers individual therapy sessions on a walk in available basis and the ability to schedule appointments with practitioners in advance. We know that life can become difficult and unmanageable, sometimes in an instant, and that is why we see the importance of having our care available whenever people need it. Our walk in rates is a more affordable option than traditional private practice therapy and treatment center costs. We also offer classes, groups, workshops, events, and seminars. Walk in Wellness to our knowledge is the first center of it’s kind in the country offering walk in available mental health therapy, as well as, a wide variety of holistic treatment services all at one location. Some of our other services include, but are not limited to: life coaching, art and recreation therapy, yoga, massage, Thai massage, guided meditation, sound healing, dance, handstand training, fitness, conditioning, Crossfit, flexibility, Acro yoga, personal training, nutrition/meal planning, substance abuse classes, support groups, and other mental health groups. There is no limit to the kinds of services we can offer at Walk in Wellness to meet our clients’ needs.

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