Music Exploration (ME): Music Exploration group is intended to utilize music to address emotional, cognitive, and social issues encountered by patients. Making, processing, and listening to music can provide an outlet of communication and expression that is not easily expressed though words.

Art Expression (AE): Applying various creative mediums to assist patients in relaxing, coping, expressing, and communicating different parts of themselves in a therapeutic manner.

Community Leisure Education (CLE): Exploring activities and groups within the community to establish a healthy leisure lifestyle. This may be done through outings to museums or research into community programs available to patients.

Life Skills as Leisure (LSL): Learning skills that assist a day-to-day lifestyle that can also be performed as leisure, such as cooking, gardening, or using iPads and computers.

Fitness Education (FE): Fitness is an integral part of increasing positive endorphins and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. This group is intended to introduce patients to new forms of fitness and assist them in developing interests in fitness activities.

Volunteering as Leisure (VL): A group intended to build character through giving back to the community, in addition to promoting positive community engagement and a healthy leisure lifestyle