There is a massive need in our community for more accessible and available care, and mental health is something that will always be a need and continues to grow into a bigger and bigger need as mental illness rates continue to rise, substance abuse rates continue to rise, and the state of our nation and our world continue on this trend. Mental health is also something that cannot be done or replaced by robots or machines and takes a human connection, empathy, and love to administer.

Walk in Wellness is a counseling facility offering mental health and holistic healing services dedicated to healing the mind, body, and spirit for anyone who needs it, when they need it.

Walk in Wellness will be treating high functioning people who are going through a struggle, difficult time, break up, death in the family, divorce, etc. Or perhaps they’re already doing fine, but want to take their life to the next level, increase their strengths, gain motivation, reach their goals, etc.

Walk in Wellness can work with strengthening the positive and healthy in people or treating the negative unhealthy lifestyles. The care is supposed to also be maintenance and preventative care so that you can treat yourself and keep yourself healthy before things get too bad and you’re in crisis.

Walk in Wellness will likely see a wide range of citizens looking for services who have the available funds but are also what we call in the field the, “Worried Well” and also those who have “first world problems”. Walk in Wellness services will be affordable so that Walk in Wellness can access a wide variety of clientele, especially those without insurance or limited insurance which creates a large barrier for many people.

Walk in Wellness is comprised of practitioners and professionals that offer a wide diverse variety of healing modalities to meet client’s needs. Walk in Wellness believes in treating and healing the whole person, and recognize that people learn, grow, and heal in different ways and respond to different methods. This way, our client’s treatment is truly self-guided and individualized based on the initial assessment of clients wants, needs, and preferences.

Walk in Wellness offers individual sessions on a walk in basis, and the ability to schedule appointments for a particular service or practitioner in advance. Walk in Wellness walk in rates are a more affordable option than your traditional private practice and treatment costs, and we offer services at various price ranges and specials to ensure we can get you the help that you are looking for. Classes, groups, workshops, speakers, events, and seminars are also a big component of Walk in Wellness. Walk in Wellness understands that life can become difficult and unmanageable, sometimes in an instant, and that is why we see the importance in having our care available whenever people need it.


Walk in Wellness practitioners and professionals will develop individualized treatment plans to include goals and objectives for each client based on their participation in the different services offered. Progress notes will be completed by Walk in Wellness staff for each session a client attends.

Walk in Wellness is the first center of its kind in the country offering walk in counseling and mental health care, and offering the wide variety of other services all at one location. Some of our services include individual therapy, counseling, life coaching, yoga, massage, body work, guided meditation, sound healing, energy work, dance, fitness, cardio, and CrossFit classes, personal training, nutrition/meal planning, substance abuse classes, support groups, and mental health groups. There is no limit to what services we can provide at Walk in Wellness to meet our client’s needs.

Walk in Wellness offers general case management, resources, and referrals for free and are connected with other providers in the area.

Walk in Wellness practitioners and professionals will accept all clients who can benefit from the services Walk in Wellness provides.

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